Enzian Schuhplattler Bylaws


Posted September 2, 2015


This organization shall be known as Enzian Schuhplattler, Inc.

ARTICLE II: Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The mission shall be to preserve and represent the Bavarian culture through authentic Schuhplattler and regional folkdance performances and other related club and social activities

ARTICLE III: Gau Affiliation

Enzian Schuhplattler, Inc. is a participating member of the Gauverband Nordamerika (hereafter referred to as the Gau).

ARTICLE IV: Membership

Section 1: Categories

The six categories of membership shall be: Performing, General, Junior, Honored Member, Temporary and Inactive Member.

Section 2: Performing Member

Performing members are individuals actively dancing and performing in Enzian Schuhplattler, Inc.

Before becoming a performing member, an individual must:

  1. Be an active General Member for three months
  2. Be able to perform at least three dances within the current Enzian Schuhplattler repertoire
  3. Be at least 18 years old

Performing Members are expected to:

  1. Participate in performances.
  2. Attend practices and meetings regularly.
  3. Obtain, at a minimum, complete Fest or Tanz Tracht within one year.

Performing Members may be nominated by any Performing Member in good standing. They must be voted into this position by a simple majority of the Performing Members present and in good standing. Performing Members are included in any hospitality provided at a performance. Performing Members are subject to all general membership rules unless otherwise stated in these Bylaws.

If a Performing Member finds it necessary to reduce his/her level of commitment, he/she may request to be changed to General Member or inactive status.

Section 3: General Members

General Members are individuals who seek to be Performing Members or who wish to support Enzian Schuhplattler, Inc. in dress and participation.

Before requesting General Member status, an individual is expected to:

  1. Participate with the membership for at least one month, by attending practices (whether or not they intend to perform).
  2. Agree to attend meetings regularly.

They must be voted into this position by the membership. As a General Member, they receive voting privileges. When performances allow, and if General Members are in proper Tracht, they will be included in any hospitality provided at that performance.

Section 4: Junior Members

Junior Members are persons under the age of eighteen who participate in Enzian Schuhplattler. Junior Members may perform. Junior Members become General Members immediately upon attaining the age of eighteen and may then immediately be voted into Performing Member status as per Article IV, section 2. Junior Members pay no dues and receive no voting privileges. Junior Members may not hold office. All other rules apply to Junior Members.

A parent or legal guardian must sign and submit a form exempting Enzian Schuhplattler, Inc. from liability. This form will be retained by the Secretary during the time the minor is a Junior Member of Enzian Schuhplattler. When a Junior Member attends an Enzian Schuhplattler event, a parent or legal guardian will accompany the Junior Member to this event. Junior Members must be voted into this position by the membership.

Section 5: Honored Member

Honored members are individuals recognized for special services to the club. They have the same rights as General Members. Honored Members who are also Performing Members may vote on issues pertaining to performances. Honored Members must be voted into this position by the membership. Honored Members are not required to pay dues.

Section 6. Temporary Members

Temporary Members are individuals who, due to circumstances, are not actively participating in Enzian Schuhplattler. Temporary Members have no voting rights and pay no dues. A Temporary Member shall be appointed into this position by the 1. Vorplattler and 1. Vortänzerin for a specific performance. This status may be renewed indefinitely. This status does not preclude an individual attaining General Member status as per Article IV, section 3.

Section 7: Inactive Members

If a member cannot participate in meetings, rehearsals, or performances, they may make a written or verbal request for inactive membership status. If that member does not request inactive membership status, the Board may designate such a person as an inactive member.

An Inactive Member’s rights and duties are suspended and the change in status is recorded in the minutes. An Inactive Member is not counted towards a quorum. An Inactive Member will be automatically reinstated as a General Member or Performing Member (based on their previous status) after returning to meetings and/or practices.

Section 8: Standing

In order for a member to be considered a member in good standing, an individual must be current in his/her dues and not be in violation of any bylaws of the organization.

Section 9: Conflict of Interest

No member of Enzian Schuhplattler may also be a member of another Bavarian performing dance group within the State of Washington. No member of Enzian Schuhplattler may perform club dances or Schuhplattler in club Tracht for personal profit, or wear the club Tracht to an event not sanctioned by the club unless they have permission from both the 1. Vorplattler and 1. Vortänzerin.

Section 10: Termination of Membership

Any member who displays an ongoing and deliberate attitude of bad faith toward the membership as a whole may be subject to expulsion. Any member in good standing may present the executive board with written notification of said violation. This proceeding requires a proper motion and second with full discussion before a vote is taken. Only one expulsion proceeding may be initiated at a time. Any person subject to possible expulsion may not vote for the duration of this proceeding. The vote for expulsion must be at least 2/3 majority of the voting members in good standing who are present. This is to be a blind vote. This is a serious undertaking.

Section 11: Voting

Every General Member in good standing has the right to vote on all non-performance issues and the right to vote in the election of officers, with the exception of voting for 1. Vorplattler and 1. Vortänzerin. Every Performing Member in good standing has the additional right to vote on performance issues and to vote in the election of 1. Vorplattler and 1. Vortänzerin. Absentee ballots for an election will be accepted until the time of the scheduled election meeting. Otherwise, attendance is necessary to exercise the right to vote. Proxy votes are not accepted under any circumstances. Voting on nonrecurring purchases with a cost exceeding $2,000 will require a 2/3 majority of the total voting membership. Absentee ballots will be accepted.

Section 12: Tracht

Club Tracht is the costume that Enzian Schuhplattler members wear to perform. Members of the Verein are expected to buy their Tracht under the guidance of the Trachtenmutter. Costume items must be approved by the Trachtenmutter. General Members are allowed to purchase Tracht; Performing Members are expected to purchase complete Tracht within one year of becoming a Performing Member. Should the member resign, the club may offer to repurchase the articles of clothing at fair market value. Changes to the club Tracht require a vote of two thirds (2/3) of the members present and then only after a discussion at two consecutive business meetings.

ARTICLE V: Officers

Section 1: Offices

The Board of Directors (hereafter "the Board") shall consist of the 1. Vorstand, 2. Vorstand, Schatzmeister, Schriftführer, 1. Vorplattler and 1. Vortänzerin. No person shall hold more than one of the following offices at the same time: 1. Vorstand, 2. Vorstand, Schatzmeister, or Schriftführer. All positions are elected for a one-year term unless otherwise noted.

Section 2: 1. Vorstand (President)

The 1. Vorstand shall preside at all meetings of the membership and the board. The 1. Vorstand shall sit on every committee and is responsible for appointing committees, as needed. The 1. Vorstand shall be the spokesperson for the club. The 1. Vorstand shall see that all club rules are upheld.

Section 3: 2. Vorstand (Vice-President)

The 2. Vorstand shall assist the 1. Vorstand in any matters of the Board and membership and will act as Vorstand whenever the 1. Vorstand is unavailable, with the same powers.

Section 4: Schatzmeister (Treasurer)

The Schatzmeister shall have custody of all funds of the organization. When necessary or proper, the Schatzmeister may endorse on behalf of the organization for collection, checks, and other obligations. A second officer must co-sign checks issued by the organization. The Schatzmeister shall make deposits to the credit of the organization, or may designate another officer to make deposits. If the Schatzmeister is related to another officer, he/she shall seek a non-related officer for endorsement. In instances when the Schatzmeister is unavailable, any of the remaining officers may endorse checks and vouchers.

With input from the board, the Schatzmeister shall prepare a budget for approval at the first business meeting of each calendar year.

The Schatzmeister shall make all necessary and proper payments on behalf of the organization, in accordance with the approved budget. He/she shall keep all receipts and vouchers for the purpose of a full and accurate account of the organization, and shall exhibit such books at all reasonable times to any member in good standing. The Schatzmeister shall keep an inventory of all club property and provide a copy of this report to the 1. Vorplattler.

Section 5: Schriftführer (Secretary)

The Schriftführer shall keep a complete record of all meetings of the organization and the Board. The Schriftführer shall sign such documents pertaining to the organization as he/she may be authorized or directed to sign by the Board. The Schriftführer shall maintain correspondence as directed by the 1. Vorstand. The Schriftführer shall keep copies of correspondence written by other officers. The Schriftführer shall keep complete membership and attendance records at meetings, and distribute the minutes to the membership within one week following a meeting.

Section 6: 1. Vorplattler (Lead male dancer/teacher)

The 1. Vorplattler is responsible for all performances and all affairs concerning a performance, including coordinating performance commitments on behalf of the group. He may delegate tasks, as needed. The 1. Vorplattler will designate the level of Tracht worn by male members at a performance. The 1. Vorplattler is responsible for the teaching of Schuhplattler and other appropriate dances. The 1. Vorplattler is responsible for choosing male dancers and selecting partners for a performance. To hold this office the member must be a Performing Member. The 1. Vorplattler will appoint a 2. Vorplattler to assist him, and to assume responsibility when the 1. Vorplattler is unavailable. The 1. Vorplattler has the final say as to how a dance will be performed, but may consult the group.

Section 7: 1. Vortänzerin (Lead female dancer/teacher)

The 1. Vortänzerin shall designate the level of Tracht worn by female members at performances. The 1. Vortänzerin shall assist the 1. Vorplattler in teaching dances. The 1. Vortänzerin is responsible for choosing female dancers for a performance. To hold this office, the member must be a Performing Member. The 1. Vortänzerin will appoint a 2. Vortänzerin to assist her, and to assume responsibility when the 1. Vortänzerin is unavailable.

Section 8: Gau Delegates (2)

The Gau Delegates shall be General or Performing Members elected to a two-year term. Delegates will be elected at the Annual Election following a Gaufest. These Delegates are to report back to the membership and any votes cast by these Delegates will reflect the decision of the members of the club.

Section 9: Trachtenmutter

The Trachtenmutter shall see that the Tracht is properly maintained and worn. The Trachtenmutter should have a good knowledge of sewing and Tracht. The Trachtenmutter may appoint a 2. Trachtenmutter. The Trachtenmutter has the right to order club Tracht. This position is to be appointed by the 1. Vorplattler and 1. Vortänzerin with Board approval.

Section 10: Auditors (2)

There will be an annual audit at the end of the calendar year. When appointed, the Auditors shall review the books of the previous year and submit a report to the membership no later than the regular February meeting. These persons should not be related to (or be) the outgoing Schatzmeister or a current board member. These positions are to be appointed by the 1. Vorstand with Board approval.

Section 11: Fahnenträger (Flag Bearer)

The Fahnenträger, or his designee, will be responsible for caring for all Fahnen and club banners and for transporting them to club functions. The Fahnenträger will maintain a list of club property related to the Fahne. The Fahnenträger is responsible for ensuring that proper procedures are followed when the Fahne and/or national flags are honored at any event. This position is to be appointed by the 1. Vorstand with Board approval. Two Fahnenbegleiter will be designated by the Fahnenträger to accompany the Fahne during parades.

Section 12: Archivar (Historian)

The Archivar shall be responsible for the organization's scrapbook of pictures, performances and events concerning the organization. This position is to be appointed by the 1. Vorstand with Board approval.

Section 13: Pressewart (Publicity Manager)

The Pressewart shall handle all publicity for the organization. This position is to be appointed by the 1. Vorstand with Board approval.

Section 14: Webmeister (Webmaster)

The Webmeister shall be responsible for the operation and content of the Enzian Schuhplattler Web site, and will ensure that it remains current. This position is to be appointed by the 1. Vorstand with Board approval.

ARTICLE VI: Meetings

Section 1: Quorum

Forty (40) percent or more of the total voting members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at the Annual Meeting, or any meeting of the general membership. If at any meeting there would be less than a quorum, a majority of those present will adjourn the meeting.

Section 2: Business Meetings

Regular meetings will be held on the first practice date of each month. The meeting date for a given month may be changed, if necessary, by agreement of the officers, as long as members are notified in advance. Any officer may invite guests to stay for meetings.

Section 3: Calling Meetings

Any member can request a meeting at any club event. The meeting must be called by the highest ranking officer of the Board who is present. Ranking is determined by the order in which the offices appear in Article V.

Section 4: Practice

Practices are run by the 1. Vorplattler. In the event that the 1. Vorplattler is unable to attend, the 2. Vorplattler, or a designee, shall run the practice. The 1. Vortänzerin or 2. Vortänzerin may assist.

Section 5: Annual Meeting

An Annual Meeting will be held in November. All officers shall supply an annual written report for this meeting, including data received as of October 31. As needed, amended data may be presented at the first meeting of the next year.

The Annual Meeting will include election of officers. Nominations are to be made at the regular October meeting, via email, or at a mini-meeting, until two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. The slate of candidates shall be emailed to all members two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting, to allow time for absentee ballots to be sent in. Officers shall assume office on January 1.

Section 6: Transitioning Officers

All materials and articles pertaining to an officer or office shall be given to the new holders of those positions no later than January 15 of the following year.

ARTICLE VII: Elections

The 1. Vorstand shall appoint an Election Committee at the October meeting.

At the Annual Meeting, the 1. Vorstand shall turn the meeting over to the Election Committee for the duration of the election. The vote is to be a blind vote. In the event of a tie for any office, the vote will be taken again, excluding the outgoing 1. Vorstand. The results shall be reported to the club by the Election Committee. Absentee ballots will be accepted until one day prior to the election. No proxy votes.

ARTICLE VIII: Performances

Section 1: Responsibility

The 1. Vorplattler and 1. Vortänzerin shall be responsible for selecting performers and designating Tracht for a given performance. The 1. Vorplattler shall be in charge of all music, including which dance(s) will be performed.

Section 2: Acceptance

Only Performing Members shall confirm performance commitments and participation by signing up via website or other designated means.

ARTICLE IX: Attendance

Section 1: Performances

Any member not able to attend a performance in which he/she is scheduled to appear shall notify the 1. Vorplattler or 1. Vortänzerin as soon as possible. If unable to reach either officer, the member shall notify another member who is scheduled to appear at the same performance so they may inform these officers as much in advance as possible.

Section 2: Meetings and Practices

Any member who is unable to attend a meeting or practice session shall notify the officer in charge of the meeting or practice as much in advance as possible.


Section 1: Amounts

The Schatzmeister shall collect membership dues as follows:

Performing Member $10.00 annually
General Member $10.00 annually
Junior Member $5.00 annually
Honored Member $0.00 annually
Temporary Member $0.00 annually
Inactive Member $0.00 annually

At the January meeting, the Schatzmeister shall announce that dues are payable.

Section 2: Deadline

All dues are payable as of January 1. Any member found in arrears at the regular February meeting may be suspended from all voting rights until dues are paid. Any member found in arrears at the close of the regular June meeting may be removed from the membership list.


Section 1: Membership Committee

The 1. Vorstand may appoint a membership committee to make recommendations on membership eligibility. The committee shall consist of the 1. Vorplattler and 1. Vortänzerin, plus a maximum of two Performing Members.

Section 2: Election Committee

The Election Committee shall be appointed by the 1. Vorstand at the regular October meeting. The Election Committee is responsible for confirming that nominees are willing to run, and for notifying the membership of the slate of candidates at least two weeks prior to the election. The Election Committee shall consist of a minimum of two voting members. If possible, the Election Committee should not contain anyone nominated for an office in the election. The Election Committee shall preside over the meeting for the duration of the election. The Election Committee shall be responsible for supplying paper ballots for the election. The Election Committee shall be responsible for an accurate count of the ballots and shall report to the membership the results of this election.

ARTICLE XII: Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of this organization shall commence on the first day of January and end on the last day of December.

ARTICLE XIII: Parliamentary Authority

Robert's Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority for all meetings and matters of procedure not specifically covered by these bylaws.

ARTICLE XIV: Dissolution

Should the current members decide to dissolve the organization, the Board shall distribute the club’s net assets to organizations that are tax exempt under Federal regulations and whose endeavors are in accord with the stated objectives of this organization.

ARTICLE XV: Bylaw Review

A mandatory review of the Bylaws shall occur every five years, in the years ending with "0" or "5". This in no way prohibits reviewing the Bylaws at any time the membership feels it is necessary.

ARTICLE XVI: Bylaw Amendments

The Bylaws can only be changed by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the voting members present and then only after a discussion of the amendments at two consecutive meetings. A quorum will consist of at least 51% of the voting Membership.

We, the undersigned, do hereby certify that the foregoing bylaws were duly amended by the organization at a meeting held on the 2nd of September, 2015.

1. Vorstand—Carolyn Marquardt Schriftführer—Reid Champagne
2. Vorstand—Margaret Reutter 1. Vorplattler—Roger Mowery
Schatzmeister—Laurel Gon 1. Vortänzerin—Kathy Bruni