What do you wear?

The men’s costume includes black Lederhosen with green embroidery, colorfully embroidered Traeger (suspenders), a white shirt, a green velour hat with a Gamsbart (hat ornament that slightly resembles an old-fashioned shaving brush), split socks, and black shoes. The men also have a more formal costume, which includes a green vest, pale blue silk tie, and gray knee-length socks in lieu of the split socks.

The women’s costume includes a short-sleeved white blouse, a black boned vest fastened with chains (called a miederĀ), a white shawl, a red pleated skirt, a white apron, white cotton tights, black shoes, a green velour hat with a white plume feather, and traditional Bavarian jewelry. The women’s more formal costume substitutes a pale blue silk shawl and apron for the white cotton ones.

We also have more casual attire, which we wear for some occasions.