What kind of dances do you do?

The dances we do include both traditional Schuhplattler dances and figure dances. These dances have been passed down orally through the generations. We also do a few dances that were created in the early 1900’s by the German hotel industry, as well as a couple of folk dances from other parts of Germany. In the Schuhplattler dances, the men plattle (slap their shoes and Lederhosen) while the women spin (either in place or traveling) or do a combination of spinning and other moves. There are a variety of different Plattler patterns. After a 16-measure Plattler sequence, the couple usually waltzes for 16 measures, then there is a longer Plattler sequence, followed by a waltz, another long Plattler sequence, and a final waltz.The figure dances have a variety of flirtatious figures where the men and women dance together. The figure dances also usually include a short Plattler sequence.